FLH Partner Brian J. Malkin Speaks at Q1 Productions Regulatory Clearance & Commercialization of Generic Drugs & Biosimilars Conference in Alexandria, Virginia

On July 12, 2012, FLH Partner Brian Malkin will present on a number of key issues affecting generic drugs, biosimilars, and biobetters in the evolving landscape at the Q1 Productions Conference, Regulatory Clearance and Commercialization of Generic Drugs & Biosimilars in Alexandria, Virginia. Mr. Malkin will kick off the Conference in a panel discussion: “Preparing for the Evolution of the Generic Drug and Biosimilar Industry,” which will focus on the entry of biosimilars in the coming years amidst a changing landscape of reduced small molecule generic opportunities. At the end of the day, Mr. Malkin will conclude the biosimilars track with a presentation, “Biobetters and Extending into the Marketplace Beyond Patent Expiration,” which will consider how companies can identify biobetter opportunities and assess the risks and benefits from developing a biobetter rather than a biosimilar product. For more information, please see Q1 Productions.